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canvas to cut and share

Isabelle Ribot tells stories through her paintings. Perhaps it is on the, up to 100-feet-long, paper or canvas rolls creations that her expression is shown to be more powerful.There are very personal stories revealed by colors, symbols, characters and games.


Foto: Divulgacao

characters, places & maps

The unique characters reflect a desire of a special scheme, where dream and reality connect. The enigmatic Idoru, for exemple, is the principal character of a 33 canvas series, who became the Queen of card games.

Let’s spot Isabelle Ribot’s timeline trend work, you are more than invited to visit back in time when she painted urban landscapes. These urban landscapes led her to the maps, marked trails, itineraries, territories, routes… These topographic representations show limits, possibilities, fantastic geographic situations, and suggestions of directions.


Isabelle Ribot - LE FILM


The decuple characters, sheltered in enlighted combinations, gain diferent lives in games which rules remind the french playwright Marivaux’s comedy  « The Game of Love and Chance ».